COVID-19 Crisis Fund

In view of the exceptional level of need generated by the current pandemic, the Waterfall Fund Trustees have set aside an initial £5,000 specifically for distribution within the communities of Mull and Iona to support activities which alleviate issues arising from the Covid-19 crisis.


As this is an evolving situation, the information below will be continuously reviewed.


Examples of what might be supported:

  • Out of pocket fuel costs incurred as part of voluntary assistance within the local community for the delivery of prescriptions, groceries and  other supplies to residents who are unable to leave their homes

  • Telephone-based befriending and chat service

  • Personnel protective equipment and hand-sanitiser (when available)


Examples of what cannot be supported:

  • Salary and labour costs

  • Business losses or lost income

  • Medical costs


How to apply

The Trustees want to make the process as simple as possible.  However, to fulfil their legal obligations there must be some formality to the applications and to their assessment. 

For example, an application for fuel costs would need to provide an estimate of the mileage likely to be travelled over a given timescale.  A claim for reimbursement of those fuel costs would need to be made using an expenses form provided with a grant offer.  Fuel costs will be paid at 45p per mile.


1. Send an email to 


This brief email, headed WATERFALL FUND COVID19 should include the following information:

  • Name and contact details of Community Group or Individual.  Bank details for payment. 

  • Brief details of the service being proposed and the approximate number of people/households likely to benefit

  • The likely costs to be incurred over the following 4 weeks.

2. The Trustees aim to assess the application within a few days.  They may ring you to get more information. 

3. On behalf of the Trustees of the Waterfall Fund, MICT will notify you about the success or otherwise of your application as soon as they can.


The Trustees want to use this money for the benefit of the greatest number of people, especially those who are most vulnerable at this time.  We are feeling our way as much as anybody else so we may have to rethink all this after the first month.  Our expectation is that this process of application/approval/claim will continue to be on a monthly basis.